We are LIVING for Nadine’s clap backs at unsolicited comments


Come on guys, it’s 2022!

Keep your unsolicited comments to yourself, please!

Have you ever heard of the 10-minute rule? It says when the person can’t change something about themself in 10 minutes chances are, they already know about it. So you know, you might want to keep it to yourself. It is also quite counterproductive to make comments about things people can’t remedy immediately. What is the point?

This is something fans and the Internet should remember before they comment on someone else’s posts. Yes, this includes the posts of our fave celebrities and influencers. Let them post what they want when they want, especially if they aren’t hurting anybody in the process.

Nadine Lustre is one of the celebrities that always gets the brunt of this. And for those that don’t know how to hold their tongues, Nadine, we apologize. Luckily, Nadine is not one to shy away from clapping back and calling out nasty comments.

Truly, we stan a queen.

Here are some of our fave President Nadine clap backs.

When a basher was commenting on her boyfriend’s appearance

Nadine is probably so tired of being “pregnant” every year

No one should really dictate what anyone should do, Nadine is here to reiterate that.

Louder, Ms. President! That’s on period!

We all need to be reminded that there are people behind our phone screens that have emotions, too. It is always important to think before you click because words matter and they hold weight.

We don’t have any space for backhanded compliments and unsolicited comments, especially about someone’s appearance.

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