‘Saving Sally’ creators show the heartbreaking truth about strays in this short film

Gelo Lasin

Let’s be honest, even amongst die-hard pet lovers, strays are an unattractive¬†bunch. They are often seen as disease-riddled animals which are unfit to be a companion.


But while there is some weight to those claims, the simple truth is that, at the end of the day, they are just homeless critters looking to be loved.

The creators of ‘Saving Sally’ and ‘Kita Kita’ are looking to explore that notion in ‘Muning’.

The short film features the emotional bond between a boy and his adoptive stray kitten – all while being observed under the disapproving gaze of the boy’s grandma.

Without spoiling too much, we can honestly say that this flick is worth your time.

Watch it here: