LOOK: Twitter is CONVINCED that Mulan is gay in ‘Wreck-It-Ralph 2’

Gelo Lasin

Is Mulan our very first gay Disney Princess?

‘Wreck-It-Ralph 2’ first made noise when its trailer dropped and it featured a scene where Vanellope accidentally pops up in a room containing almost every Disney Princess – except Mulan.


Fans were outraged and started asking where the beloved Asian icon could be.

The issue was put to rest when Entertainment Weekly dropped this pic of all the Princesses chilling out in their casual wear – and there she is on the far right!


And while people were going nuts over the photo




ANOTHER hot topic arose from the snap – one that suggests that Mulan MIGHT be gay






So it apparently had something to do with the way she’s sitting and her cuffed jeans? What do you think? Is it an overreaction or legit proof?

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