MTRCB calls Netflix regulation a ‘necessity’


Nearly a year after they proposed the idea, the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) is once again pushing for the regulation of Netflix and other online video streaming platforms.

Legal Affairs Chief Jonathan Presquito proposed the idea to the Senate Committee on Trade, Commerce and Entrepreneurship.

‘There is a necessity on us to proceed with the regulation, especially during the lockdown’, urged Presquito.

‘For most of us, our sanity is maintained by streaming services: Netflix, Iflix, lahat ng movies na nakikita natin. Pero all of those movies, unrated po yun’.

Presquito also pitched the three benefits of having the streaming entities registered with MTRCB: viewers are assured of age-appropriate content, a better filter on prohibited viewings, and that the content distributor is a recognized and authorized entity.

MTRCB, <b> MTRCB calls Netflix regulation a &#8216;necessity&#8217; </b>

Presquito also believes that under the MTRCB law, the agency has jurisdiction over all ‘motion picture’ content regardless of the medium. Netflix is classified as a video-on-demand platform.

‘Internet is just a medium. Hindi porket sa Internet pinalabas ang isang pelikula, wala na siya sa jurisdiction ng MTRCB’.

Still, Presquito does not want to severely limit Netflix’s operations in the Philippines, only that there should be a balance. He notes that other countries, such as South Korea, are stricter when it comes to Netflix content.

Earlier in July, the House of Ways and Means approved a bill that placed a 12% value-added tax on subscription services

2021’s Netflix intro

MTRCB, <b> MTRCB calls Netflix regulation a &#8216;necessity&#8217; </b>