This Filipina is getting burned for misrepresenting our country

Gelo Lasin

The mother of all crapstorms

Apparently, nothing gets Filipinos riled up more than misrepresenting our country.

A mystery woman recently came under fire after she inaccurately portrayed the Filipino local culture in the web series ’70 People, 70 Countries’ by international travel mag ‘Conde Nast Traveler.’

When asked on how to count in Filipino (skip to 1:38)

She answered ‘One, two, three, four, five…’

Naturally, Pinoys went apeshit

When asked to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ (skip to 3:13)

She sang ‘Happy Birthday to you…’

Which was of course, wrong.

Altho some were quick to point out that…

When asked how to say ‘Goodbye’ (skip to 1:43)

She replied ‘Bye!’

When asked how to say ‘Cheers’ (skip to 1:17)

She claimed that ‘There is actually no ‘cheers’ in the Philippines’

Finally, when asked for a Filipino tongue twister (skip to 2:55)

‘There’s really no tongue-twister…’

TBH she looks kinda lost in most of the vids. Maybe she just didn’t have time to prepare?

But she DID get our National Anthem right, so there’s hope (skip to 0:22)

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