The OG ‘Monster Rancher’ game drops on mobile this November


Playstation kids, rejoice! Japanese video game company Koei Tecmo is reviving its old-school titleMonster Rancher for Android, IOS and Nintendo Switch. The game will drop on mobile on November 28 and on Switch on December 19.

However, both will only debut in Japan – for now. An English version has yet to be announced.


The game was first teased back in September and judging by the trailer, the ported version seems to retain the same feel of the 1997 Playstation classic.

For those not in the know, ‘Monster Rancher’, or ‘Monster Farm’ in Japan, was a monster-raising simulator, similar to its more recognizable counterparts Pokemon and Digimon. Players (called ‘Ranchers’) can train their pets, breed them to create unique monsters, and enter them in fighting tournaments.