Mocha Uson, a gov’t official, calls #JunkTerrorBill protestors ‘terrorists’


Is this a sign of things to come?

Among its many controversial provisions, the Anti-Terrorism Bill has sparked outrage for its potential to stifle free speech, as critics note that its broad definition of ‘terror’ could be abused against activists and protestors.

Defenders of the proposed law are adamant that this wouldn’t be the case, but the public remains less than assured. It doesn’t help then that Mocha Uson, a government appointee herself, proved the opposite when she labeled protestors as ‘terrorists’.

Galit na galit na mga terrorists nagtipon tipon na sila’, read the now-deleted tweet from Deputy Administrator of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA). Ironically, Uson answered Senator Sotto’s irate query of who exactly is branding activists as terrorists.

The ‘terrorist’ jab likely references the various youth groups that gathered at the University of the Philippines Diliman last June 4.





Uson’s mislabeling fueled concerns about how The Anti-Terrorism Bill could be misused by an administration that was recently slammed by the United Nations for its human rights abuses. Uson’s tweet might seem simple, but it could speak volumes of what’s in store for Filipinos everywhere.

Mocha Uson, <b> Mocha Uson, a gov&#8217;t official, calls #JunkTerrorBill protestors &#8216;terrorists&#8217; </b>


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