Even deaf people aren’t spared from Mocha and Drew Olivar’s antics

Gelo Lasin

Here we go again

At this point, Mocha Uson doing something controversial is as certain as death and taxes.

But in her newfound partnership with blogger Drew Olivar, her taste for making headlines seems to have doubled in strength – and this recent one further justifies that fact.

In a recent clip by netizen Angelo Esperanzate, Olivar can be seen doing his own exaggerated version of the sign language while Uson films and laughs in the background.

If that wasn’t enough, Olivar can also be heard making grunting noises to seemingly mimic the sound deaf people make when they’re trying to talk.

YOU NEVER MAKE FUN OF DEAF PEOPLE!It's not about intelligence, it's about character and morality. Duterte supporters…

Posted by Angelo James F. Esperanzate on Friday, 14 September 2018


The clip was originally uploaded on Uson’s FB page for ‘Mocha Uson Blog’ as a plug for their DWIZ noontime show.

As reported by Inquirer.net, Olivar issued a lengthy apology but later deleted it.

An excerpt from the post read:

‘I am writing this note to express my profuse apologies to the deaf community members and to their loved ones who may have been hurt with my ‘own style of sign language’

Safe to say, people were not happy with what they felt was an insensitive act

Altho there were those who defended the pair

What do you think?

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