A Miss World candidate picked ‘a world without corruption’ in front of politicians


The audacity – and we love it

ICYMI, Miss World Philippines recently concluded its 2021 run, crowning Tracy Maureen Perez to represent the country’s international pageant in Puerto Rico in December.

Apart from Perez, another main highlight was candidate #10 Michelle Arceo, who faced a tricky question in the Q&A portion. Arceo, who would win Miss Environment, was asked by actress Anna Vicente whether she would rather live in a world without the pandemic or without corruption.

After a slight pause, Arceo chose a world without corruption.

“We’re surrounded by it every day, everywhere we look, and people every day suffer from it”, said the beauty queen. “And if we can eradicate [corruption], we can solve so many problems and get through a pandemic easily the next time we go about it. We, the people, need to be taken care of.”

It was an answer that received a few cheers from the audience, more so on the Internet, who took note that politicians such as senator Bong Revilla and Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque were in attendance as judges.

It would be remembered that Revilla was involved in a 124.5 million pork barrel scam, although the Sandiganbayan would later clear him of all criminal charges. Meanwhile, Roque is a controversial mouthpiece for the Duterte administration.

Revilla and Roque would also participate in the Q&A. Revilla asked ‘Is it true that all is fair in love and war?’ to Emannuelle Vera of Taguig City, while Roque raised a few eyebrows when he asked Shaila Rebortera of Cebu Province if a woman with young children should run for president.

Rebortera would answer that women nowadays are ‘strong in different ways’, saying that those who choose their families are no lesser than those who pursue their careers.

“And if our candidate would like to pursue becoming a president, despite sacrificing time for their family, in exchange of serving the Filipino people, then I would definitely support that.”

World, <b> A Miss World candidate picked &#8216;a world without corruption&#8217; in front of politicians </b>

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