Miriam and her husband took the internet by storm and became everyone’s OTP

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Now, a lot of people have been edging on the Duriam aka Duterte and Miriam tandem.

But nothing beats true love. The internet was taken by storm with this candid shot of the stage 4 lung cancer survivor Miriam Defensor-Santiago and her husband, Narciso Santiago.

In the post it read: One candid shot. Every commercial break he would go to Madame Miriam to constantly ask if she’s okay. Ang sweet lang and I think this deserves to be shared also.”


And people couldn’t forget Miriam’s response to Karen Davila’s question regarding her husband’s role during her presidency, Dapat nandoon siya sa bahay pag-uwi ko.”

They loved it.

Good luck to all the presidential bets this coming elections!

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