Watch Mimiyuuuh descend into Bitcoin madness (with good reason)


We all know someone who won’t shut up about how awesome Bitcoin is. They’re not wrong, but you’d swear that this person would talk in Bitcoin if they could, judging by the enthusiasm in their eyes.

Mimiyuuuh exudes the same energy in her latest ad from Maya. The video sees Mimi endorse Maya’s free Bitcoin giveaway, where Maya users receive free Bitcoin, and even win up to 1M pesos worth of cryptocurrency just by paying via the app. Mimi understandably embraces the Bitcoin madness (see 1M pesos) until she can only talk in “Bs”.

The ad is equal parts delightful and weird (we thought it was an alien language at first), which is basically the best Mimiyuuuh video ever.

The Maya Bitcoin craze might not leave you talking solely in “Bs,” but the rewards are ever so real.

While other money apps are not even offering discount promos, Maya is living in the now – giving you the option to receive crypto rewards for your purchases. The money app is the first fintech app in the country to offer a “crypto-back” or a cashback in the form of Bitcoin. We stan a progressive mind.

Several Maya users – including your favorite influencers have already received their free Bitcoin from Maya. One user named Reinzel Cabrera even received 1M pesos worth of Bitcoin in his Maya account after paying for his McDelivery order online!

Here’s how you can get your own free Bitcoin, just like them:

  1. Pay with Maya via QR, mobile number, or card at stores all over the Philippines and online.
  2. Get free Bitcoin or cashback (depending on your preference)* of up to P500 each month until October 31! Every purchase gives you either a guaranteed cashback or free Bitcoin worth 1%, 10%, or 100% of your purchase. For example, your Php 500 purchase can give you Php5, Php50, or Php500 in free Bitcoin!

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