People are fawning over Millie Bobby Brown’s true accent in ‘Enola Holmes’


ICYMI, Millie Bobby Brown is starring the Netflix movie ‘Enola Holmes’ where she plays as the younger sister of Detective Sherlock Holmes, portrayed by Henry Cavill.

Aside from the prospect of the two sharing the same screen, as well as Millie heading her own flick, Twitter became obsessed with upcoming film for letting us hear the British actress’ true accent – which is just gorgeous, btw.

It’s an amusing thing to celebrate, but when you think about Millie’s most recognizable outings, the mostly tight-lipped Eleven in Stranger Things and Madison in Godzilla: King of Monsters, said accent has been a long-time coming.

You can watch ‘Enola Holmes’ on Netflix when it drops on September 23. You can also check out next month’s full release list here.