5 Legit Signs It’s More Than Just A Hookup


Ahh, the good ol’ days where you used to go on carnival dates with your lover who gets you the cute pink cotton candy and wins you that teddy bear.


It’s a wonder how time flies – from making love to a quickie in the restroom like most millennial hookups these days. You know what we mean: Friends with benefits, the paasa aka the guy who only calls when he needs a booty call, making out with random drunk strangers, and the list goes on.

But damn it, there are exceptions. Don’t tell us you and your “friend” are just hooking up

1. When you go out for icecream


You know you’re just kidding yourself right if you think you guys are just hooking up? After the whole freak in the sheets thing, you go out for icecream and talk about things, establishing a connection? R E A L L Y? No. That’s a solid relationship right there.

2. When you tell them about your favorite song


Clubbing together? Sure, possibly a hookup. But in the afterparty, when you tell them your favorite song and you two start singing John Mayer’s XO from the top of your lungsThat’s magic.

3. When you exert effort more than usual to brighten their day


That whole “The first one to fall into the trap becomes the loser” shit is crap. Trying to win a girl’s heart is still a thing. Never let it go extinct. Don’t just be a hookup.

4. When you cuddle before and after sex


If you think it’s all just sex when you cuddle before and after, it’s not. And it’s probably not just sex, it’s making love.

5. When you let them in completely


You don’t just let them in physically. You let them in completely, with all your imperfections and flaws. You tell them your deepest secrets and they tell you yours. And if they look at you with that sincere look only total honesty can make, that’s hell of a relationship you’ve got going there.