Miley spotted wearing the engagement ring! *panic*

We The Pvblic

Rumors of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth coming back together are continuing to be proven true as Miley posted in her Instagram account a selfie, showing her hand with a (gorgeous) ring.

Here is the post (no, not the candy-colored one!):

Questions from their fans arise, like “Is this the ring he gave you last 2012?” or “Are you coming back for real?” and maybe some asked “Girl, are you sure about this?”.

Well, just look at this tweet of @JustJared:

And this one from @DailyMailCeleb. (She’s U-Haulin’ to Liam’s crib in Malibu, shhhh):

Alright, you judge, but you have to see this 2012 report of Mirror UK about her engagement ring! It’s the same ring we saw today! Here is the photo:

Miley, Miley spotted wearing the engagement ring! *panic*