Microsoft Japan discovered what we already know: Rested workers are more productive


Ehem, @/PHWorkCulture

Proving that giving employees more time to rest makes them work better (shocking), Microsoft Japan’s productivity rate spiked by 40% after implementing a 4-day workweek for its employees.

In an effort to ‘reform work styles’, Microsoft Japan launched the ‘Work-Life Choice Challenge 2019 Summer‘ program and closed their offices every Friday of August 2019 –  resulting in a higher productivity rate compared to August 2018.

We will challenge all employees to “work in a short time, take a rest, and learn well” to further improve productivity and creativity.’ Microsoft Japan said in a statement

The ‘Work-Life Choice Challenge 2019 Summer‘ also found a 46% spike in 30-minute meetings, so even the Japanese know that no one wants to spend time meeting over something that could’ve been an email.

This is big news for a country that has a worker burnout issue so serious that it got its own name. Dubbed Karoshi to mean ‘death from overwork‘, Japanese workers have long been suffering from fatigue and even heart failure due to long work hours.

So, when is PH planning 3-day weekends?

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