Michael Pangilinan is under fire for inappropriate behavior displayed in a performance at a school


Para makagawa tayo ng baby”, the singer told a female student he invited on stage.

Apart from the inappropriate behavior displayed in the school that violated the school’s policies, there were high school students in the audience that could instantly be easily influenced by the misconduct.

School events such as concerts held inside the campus are truly an integral part of a student’s campus experience. Universities and colleges prepare for these school-wide events for months to ensure that the students have the best time. Most of the time, student-led organizations take the reigns doing the necessary procedures to create a good program and invite performers to take the stage.

Recently, a concert was held in DLSU-Dasmariñas where they invited singer Michael Pangilinan as a performer. However, what surprised the audience instead of Michael’s charm and voice, was how he treated a female student from the University.

In a now-viral tweet from @eastwestelle, a concerned student in attendance at the event, she quickly called out Pangilinan for his indecent behavior on stage.

In a video, it was shown that the 27-year-old singer was looking for a female student over 18 years old, and said “para pwede na tayong gumawa ng baby.” 

Apart from that, after a 22-year-old female student came up on stage, Pangilinan asked her if it was ok for them to kiss, to which the student was not able to verbally answer “yes” immediately.

Later in the video, he said there were kids present in the audience.

The singer, best known for his hit “Harana” even sat on the female student’s lap and vice-versa.

Besides how the seemingly objectifying comments disguised as jokes and indecent actions the singer made which led the students to feel uncomfortable, that type of remark is not welcome in their University.

The school has a Safe Space Actwhich was put in place not only to raise awareness of gender-based related violence inside the university but to defend, represent, and create safe spaces for its students and victims.

According to a tweet, Pangilinan also allegedly violated school policies on PDA or Public Displays of Affection.

Although many pointed out how the female student who was also of legal age, seemed to have consented to the singer, others were still adamant that his actions were not appropriate to the setting as it was held in a school.

Replies in the thread also added that this was not the first time Pangilinan has acted that way on stage at a school. One commenter shared their experience with Pangilinan as he performed at their university too, where he allegedly acted in a similar manner.

The singer had also invited a student on stage and upon learning that she was 16 years old, he was quick to say “sayang. di pwede may mga pulis sa labas baka di na ako makauwi.” non verbatim.

Whether that act was due to an image he was trying to keep, it is always important to act accordingly to the setting where a performer is at. It is always of utmost importance to recognize that different environments also require different approaches.

Especially when at a school, the policies of the school that were made to protect its students must be respected by everyone, including guests and visitors.

The singer is yet to address the situation.

banner: (L) eastwestelle/twitter, (R) khel.pangilinan/instagram

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