Mia Khalifa’s boob got deflated by an ice puck – the Internet savagely responds

Gelo Lasin

The Internet is killing us with this responses

Everyone’s favorite former pornstar Mia Khalifa got struck in the breast by a wild ice puck while she was watching a game of her fave hockey team- Washington Capitals.

The flying object, which flew at around 80 mph, ruptured an implant in her left breast.

But don’t worry! She’s fine and she’s actually pretty cool about it, even commenting that it was ‘worth it’ coz she got the puck as a souvenir and that seeing her fave team lose is ‘a lot more painful.’

As random as the accident was, the pvblic – in pure Internet fashion – simply couldn’t resist reacting

I mean, damn

Interesting debate

What we’re all really thinking

The Internet… always so thoughtful

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