Metro Manila had a free trial in hell with 42°C heat index



If today felt like you were on a date with the devil himself, you’re not alone. According to PAGASA, the heat index for this Wednesday, April 22nd, peaked at a whopping 42 degrees Celsius. The absurd temp, recorded in Quezon City, is a result of an increase in humidity, which slows the evaporation of sweat. This, in turn, causes the body to pack more heat than usual.

BREAKING: The Heat Index in PAGASA Science Garden, Quezon City already reached 42°C (DANGER) as of 1:10 PM. All are advised to continuously hydrate themselves to prevent heat-related complications!

Posted by Earth Shaker on Tuesday, April 21, 2020


The actual air temperature was only at 35.2 °C, which is a tad cooler than yesterday’s 35.8 °C – a record high for 2020. Aside from drinking lots of water, PAGASA advises the public to stay indoors from 12pm to 4pm, which shouldn’t be a hard task considering the lockdown.

The weather bureau also predicts that the unbearable heat will persist in the coming days, which means now might be the best time to bring back this gem.


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