Mendokoro Ramenba/Ramen Yushoken launch ‘take-home ramen kits’


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Popular ramen franchise Mendokoro Ramenba and Yushoken have rolled out their very-own ‘take-home ramen kits‘ so you can finally feel like a ramen master at home.

Known for their strict ‘no take-out‘ policy, the resto took a jab at their own rules when they launched the take-home menus with pre-prepared ingredients yesterday.

‘In this topsy-turvy world, takeout is allowed. But not as the final product, because it really has to be eaten after cooking.’

We know you’ve all been waiting for this, so here it is…Starting tomorrow, you can now enjoy our famous selection of…

Posted by Mendokoro Ramenba on Tuesday, March 31, 2020


The ready-to-prep meals include their famous Shio, Shayu, Super Chashu, and TanTanMan ramen bowls – as the kit already comes with noodles, pork cutlets, veggies, and ramen soup that you can cook yourself.

Meanwhile, the restos also offer frozen gyoza, chicken karaage, Chahan rice, and extra cutlets in case you really want to dig in the Japanese experience.

At present, they only deliver to Mandaluyong, San Juan, Manila Pasay, Pasig, and Taguig through FB message or through the delivery numbers stated in their post.

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, <b> Mendokoro Ramenba/Ramen Yushoken launch &#8216;take-home ramen kits&#8217; </b>