MEET: The hunky transgender model Laith Ashley from the new series ‘Strut’


Look at this glorious piece of man.

This is Laith.

Laith Ashley.

Hamana hamana

Laith is the only trans male model of the show Strut, Oxygen’s new reality series about Slay Model Management, the first ever exclusive transgender modeling agency made possible by Whoopi Goldberg.

It premiered on Tuesday, September 20, featuring amazing trans models Laith De La Cruz, Dominique Jackson, Isis King, Ren Spriggs and Arisce Wanzer.

“Our models come from all walks of life, all different backgrounds and ethnicities. They are struggling with things we can all relate to—trying to make ends meet, fighting to make a name for themselves and navigating the minefields of personal relationships,” Whoopi said in a statement.

“All of these struggles are amplified by the fact that they are also fighting to break down barriers and taking on the responsibility of representing the transgender community in today’s society. It’s time to separate caricature from real people and that’s what we are doing with Strut.”

We’ve watched bits of the show and its incredible to know that these models, these people are shown in the light majority of the people need to see: the struggles. The reality of what they go through everyday.

In one clip of the show, it shows Laith talking to his mother who is a Pentecostal Christian. He knows his mother’s views aren’t going to change, but he only asks for respect from her. She told him to join her at church although Laith recalled a memory he did not want to relive: “They pointed at me and said ‘There is a demonic spirit within this person.'”

Laith then asks if she is ashamed of him, and there is a dead silence. “You say I’m going to hell.” says Laith but his mother retorts, “I don’t say that – my Bible says that.”

In the end he tells the audience his “need to please other people, especially my family. And obviously the fear of going to hell.”

If you loved Laith’s story, you’re going to love every single person on Strut.

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