Meet the Filipino guy who made Ed Sheeran sing ‘Tenerife Sea’ at his Divide concert in Manila!

We The Pvblic

Ed Sheeran came back to Manila to give the Filipino sheerios one heck of a show last Sunday at the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds in Pasay City.

Sheeran’s one-man show lasted for two hours during the Manila leg of his “Divide” tour, but ironically, it united everyone in the concert grounds. Everyone sang along to all of his hits, especially oldie but goodie ones like “Tenerife Sea” which he hasn’t sung in a long time.

Thanks to Filipino fan Joaqui Madamba and his little reminder, the Brit singer threw in the 2014 hit along with his new ones such as “Happier” and “Shape of You”.

Madamba tells Sheeran that he had covered the song for his fan party before the concert. Sheeran replied, “Wow I forgot how melodic that riff was. I haven’t played that in a while.”

“I wonder if I should do it later,” he added.

Judging from Madamba’s cover, we’d be pretty convinced too.

Madamba tells We the Pvblic that he doesn’t think he was solely the reason why Sheeran sang the hit. “Another friend of mine who has met Ed also claimed to have asked Ed to play the song because she was feeling sad,” he said. “Also, according to, he’s only played it 27 out of the 136+ shows he’s had on the ‘Divide’ tour which still made it very special.”

Madamba says “Tenerife Sea” is one of his fave songs and gives us a bit of a conspiracy theory on the song’s origin: “I’m also a Taylor Swift fan and there have been speculations that this song was written about her. I read through every fanmade interpretations and analysis of this song that’s why I became very familiar with the story and lyrics of the song.”

“I love Tenerife Sea because the lyrics to its chorus is simply ‘so in love.'”

“Despite being such a short line that is repeated throughout the entire chorus, you can feel how heartfelt and powerful the love that Ed had by the way he sang it.” He adds what an honor it was to perform for Sheeran’s fan party was.

The fanboy of three years shares his experience backstage with Ed and how kind he truly was. A guy in front of Madamba had his guitar signed and Ed was kind enough to play it for him and sing a song too. “I can tell that Ed’s kindness and warmness is very genuine. He’s such a nice guy that when I asked if we could take a selfie, he even took my phone and offered to take the photo for us,” he said.

“After that, I let him watch my looping cover of ‘Tenerife Sea’ and listen to me sing during the Divide fan party by Warner.”

“He then asked me if it was Tenerife Sea that I was performing and then told me about how I added a nice melodic riff to my version and how he hasn’t played the song in a while,” he added. “He even mumbled to himself ‘I wonder if I should sing this tonight.’ To my surprise, he actually sang the song hours later.”

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