Meet Balangay Live: First batch of Filipino culture Vtubers


Meet the first batch of Vtubers that aims to promote Filipino folklore and culture!

They’ll be heading to your screens on November 19 to 20

In recent years, more types of content have been consumed and made. Vtubers or streamers who post video game content while using anime-style characters as their avatars are one of them. Since 2010, Vtubers have been changing the landscape of online entertainment.

Although there are no limits to what a Vtuber character might be, most follow and are heavily influenced by Japanese culture.

Balangay Live stands out as they are a group made up of proudly independent Filipino Vtubers whose personas are based on creatures of local myths and legends. Apart from their usual video game streams, they all aim to spread appreciation and discussion on Filipino culture in their own ways.

Currently, the group stands with 12 talents. They will be holding a weekend-long debut to showcase their first debut group, Generation 0 subgroup. Generation 0: Liwayway consists of the moon-eating dragon Bibi Bakunawa, the sun-eating bird Mino Minokawa, and the goddess Saysay.


Mabuhay~ It is the bakunawa of your dreams~ Bibi. #phvtuber #envtuber #vtuberuprising

♬ original sound – ᙖIᙖI vt debut TBA – Bibi Bakunawa

Bibi and Mino will be making their debut on November 19, Saturday at 7 PM and 9 PM on their respective Twitch channels. Saysay on the other hand will make her debut on November 20, Sunday at 7 PM which will be followed by a collaboration stream of the three as a unit.


Kumusta? Punta ka ha? #phvtuber #twitchstreamer #bisayangdako #pinoytiktok #pinoyanimation #vtuberclips #animetiktok #foryoupage #fypシ゚viral

♬ original sound – SaySayVT – SaySayVT



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