McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets debuts two new ways to spice up the Holidays

Gelo Lasin

Ahh McNuggets, how we love you so

There are a few things in life as addicting as good old McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets. Whether it’s solo or with the classic BBQ and Sweet & Sour sauces, these bite-sized buggers have had us hooked like The Hound and his love for poultry.

This holiday season, McDonald’s is looking to one up your McNuggets fandom with the release of two new alternative sauces in Cheesy Jalapeño and Sweet Curry Mayo!

If you’re the type who’s casual but low-key brimming with feistiness on the inside, then Cheesy Jalapeno’s unassuming yet spicy nature is for you .

But if you’re a gung-ho, try-everything badass, then the unique-but-surprisingly-works nature of Sweet Curry Mayo should be your pick.

These new McNuggets sauces are only available for a limited time tho, so you’d best hurry. You can also enjoy them in a variety of ways: as a value meal, a box of 20 to be shared with the squad or the fam, or paired with McDonald’s World Famous Fries and drinks.

Personally, we’d go for the McNuggets McShare Bundle, ’cause let’s admit it: No one likes a selfish grump for the holidays.

You can order the all-new Chicken McNuggets at or through the McDelivery App.

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