Welcome to 2020: Mcdonald’s Japan is selling ‘adult cream pie’ desserts


Uh… right

Mcdonalds Japan is known for paving the way for delectable desserts, but this time, they’ve got us questioning their motives with new selection: Otona no Cream Pie, which apparently translates to ‘Adult Cream Pie‘. Gulp.

Otona is a Japanese term often used in sweets, but combining it as Otona no immediately changes the meaning to ‘adult’s‘. Combine that with ‘cream pie‘, and it doesn’t really evoke much sweetness anymore.

It makes us wonder if there weren’t English translators during the brainstorming session. Either way, they’ve got people’s attention.

If you’re craving for a cream pie, you can get grab it in any Mcdonald’s Japan branch in either Belgian Chocolate or Sweet Fromage at ¥150 (70 PHP).

japan, <b> Welcome to 2020: Mcdonald&#8217;s Japan is selling ‘adult cream pie&#8217; desserts </b>

Banner credit: unilad.co.uk