WATCH: This Filipina got into a BRUTAL fistfight with a McDonald’s employee

Gelo Lasin

And you thought the UFC was nasty

Filipina Sabrinah Fontelar got into the brawl of her life when she went head to head with Erika Chavolla, a McDonald’s employee.

The viral vid features a melee which began when Fontelar threw a milkshake and even a tray at Chavolla, who responded by smacking and overpowering the much smaller woman with closed fists.

The fight between the 24-year-olds started when Fontelar allegedly tried to fill up her water cup with free soda, causing a supervisor to shut the soda machine down.

An argument ensued, with Fontelar even supposedly insulting Chavolla’s mom, and eventually led into the free-for-all seen in the video.

Erika Chavolla (left) and Sabrinah Fontelar (right) –

The Las Vegas police department issued a statement, stating that the Fontelar was charged with misdemeanor battery and will appear in court.