Maybelline’s new beauty ad features a man and it is a fabulous reminder that it is 2017

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The boys are dominating the start of 2017 with CoverGirl signing their first coverboy James Charles and Maybelline’s new Big Shot campaign featuring Manny Gutierrez, otherwise known as Manny MUA.

With over 3 million Instagram followers and the first male to be featured on Maybelline’s Instagram, Manny stars alongside influencer Shayla Mitchell where they both “get bossed up” by putting on that Volum’ Express The Colossal Big Shot Mascara before they hit a party up in NYC.

Manny was named the Ultimate Influencer and he gives a pep talk on how he got to where he is now and for people who want to follow his footsteps.

“People think that it takes so much to start a channel but it really doesn’t,” Manny tells PEOPLE. “You just need to create an account. You can film on your freaking iPhone; it doesn’t matter, you just have to actually start it.”

“I’ve gone through all of it, I’ve literally heard every single name in the book be told to me. So don’t be discouraged by anyone, as long as you’re confident in yourself and just keep doing what you’re doing.”

Fun fact: he wants to try acting. “I want to act. That’d be so much fun. I want to get into traditional media more. I think that the social media space is great because that’s where my bread and butter is but I want to jump into doing traditional media and other fun things.”

We’re pretty sure Manny won’t disappoint with his glam career ahead of him! Kudos to CoverGirl and Maybelline for embracing change!

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