Getting free bitcoin texts from Maya? Check your crypto wallet, coz that’s legit


We’ve all been recently bombarded with text spam messages from anonymous numbers claiming we’ve won a prize. While those are questionable, Maya’s free bitcoin giveaway is 100% legit.

ICYMI, Maya users have been receiving free Bitcoin since August! Digital billboards in several locations have also urged Maya users to check their crypto wallets for a rewards

The amount varies, but one lucky Cebu student, Reinzel Cabrera, won a shocking PHP 1 million worth of cryptocurrency.

The best part? The reward requires minimal effort. Cabrera and the rest of the lucky users simply paid with Maya. In Reinzel’s case, he just paid for his McDelivery order via his Maya mobile number. Legit freebies with minimal hustle? That’s an all-in-one money app Maya!

You can get free Bitcoin too, and if you’re lucky like Reinzel, you can also have the chance to receive PHP 1,000,000.00 in Bitcoin – especially when taking advantage of deals this 9.9! Here’s how:

  1. Pay with Maya via QR, mobile number, or card at stores all over the Philippines and online.
  2. Get free Bitcoin up to P500 each month until September 30! Every purchase gives you guaranteed Bitcoin worth 1%, 10%, or 100% of your purchase. For example, your PHP 500 purchase can give you PHP 5, PHP 50, or PHP 500 in free Bitcoin!
  3. Wait for the SMS notification and then check your crypto wallet to claim your free Bitcoin
  4. The more you pay with Maya, the more chances to get PHP 1,000,000 in Bitcoin every month, during the promo period.

Since its relaunch in April this year, Maya has introduced a seamless, all-in-one crypto experience allowing users to buy, sell, hold, and even spend their crypto earnings in just one app.

The amount can be as low as PHP 1.00, making it noob-friendly. Also, Maya has been granted the Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) license from the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas for its crypto services, ensuring all transactions are legit and safe.

This is probably the only time a random notif about a supposed reward would turn out to be real, so we suggest taking advantage, especially for your 9.9 deals.

Maya, <b> Getting free bitcoin texts from Maya? Check your crypto wallet, coz that’s legit </b>

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