Matteo Guidicelli left hearts broken with first unboxing video

Gamers are a passionate lot. They can debate all day about the best console out there, the ideal specs for your next gaming rig, or whether the Last of Us Part II is a masterpiece or an insult. They know their stuff (for the most part), which means it also comes with a lot of sensitivity.

It’s no surprise then that hearts were broken when Matteo Guidicelli dropped his first unboxing video, featuring his new PlayStation 4. Based on the 13.5k reactions on Twitter, the first trigger came when he bluntly ripped the packaging off (thus voiding the warranty).

Matteo Guidicelli, <b> Matteo Guidicelli left hearts broken with first unboxing video </b>

But as Matteo repeatedly claims in the vid, he’s new to all this, so cut him some slack. Plus, he’s a rich dude, he’s married to arguably the best performer of her generation, so we’d imagine warranties are an afterthought for him.

Matteo also inadvertently(?) lightly(?) slammed the controllers and other devices on the table to the tune of 3k likes and 26k dislikes on YouTube. But again, good-looking guy, decent actor, so online furor probably doesn’t top his list of concerns. Happy gaming, Matteo!


Banner: Screenshot from Matteo Guidicelli’s YouTube channel