Matt LeBlanc told the pvblic the gross ‘behind-the-scenes’ moment about the trifle episode of ‘Friends’

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Matt LeBlanc just shared one of the grossest things that has happened behind-the-scenes of the beloved ’90s sitcom “Friends”.

It was during the show’s famous Thanksgiving episode “The One Where Ross Got High”. Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) mixes up an English trifle with a shepherd’s pie during the Season 6 episode.

“First there’s a layer of ladyfingers, then a layer of jam, then custard, which I made from scratch, then raspberries, more ladyfingers, then beef sauteed with peas and onions…” Rachel described to a disgusted Ross (David Schwimmer) and Joey (LeBlanc). The two stuff their faces with the “pie” as to not disappoint and hurt Rachel’s spirit.

Although LeBlanc revealed that the trifle was just really bananas and whipped cream, so there was really no reason not to dig in — until he found out the truth about the trifle.

In the episode, Joey shows Rachel how much he enjoyed eating the trifle, even getting some from Ross’ plate.

“There was too much on his plate,” LeBlanc explained on “The Graham Norton Show.”

“So he starts to eat it all and he can’t finish it and he starts laughing, so we cut. As we’re cutting, he kind of spits it back on his plate. I’m sitting right next to him, and I’m looking the other way. I didn’t see him spit it back on his plate.”

“I’m eating it and we finished the take. No one says anything to me,” he said

During the episode, Joey actually appeared to be enjoying the trifle, even stealing some from Ross’ plate.

Later on, LeBlanc unknowingly got some of the regurgitated food and put some on his plate.

“I go, ‘Here, let’s go again.’ And we go again. And I’m eating it and we finished the take. No one says anything to me,” LeBlanc continued.

The actor only found out during the wrap party.

“We’re watching the blooper reel and I go, ‘Oh, I love this. This is funny,'” LeBlanc recalls, as his grin turns into grimace. “I go, ‘Nobody ever told me that?!'”

Never getting through this episode the same ever again. ?

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