These flesh-like accessories are both creepy and cool


Accessories are getting quirkier and quirkier.

If you thought Balenciaga’s trash bag was weird, wait until you see the creations of Japanese DJ Masataka Shishido.

The 36-year-old artist is turning heads with his freaky flesh-like accessories—from severed finger ink stamps, pendants with blinking eyes, to purses with mouths.

Shishido debuted his works in 2017 as part of the cover of his debut album, and he’s been sharing photos of his other weird accessories since. For his first quirky piece, the DJ wrapped a music mixer in silicon flesh coating.


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 “In the beginning almost everyone felt it was gross,” he told Reuters. “Once people learnt that it’s an artwork with some specific function, they started saying that it’s cute and interesting.”

His items are often made-to-order for customers who ask for their own body parts recreated. In 2021, rapper Lil Yachty got a blinking eye mirror ball from the artist. His freaky pieces were exhibited at the Pinebrook Gallery in December 2022.


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When Shishido’s creations take to the streets, it definitely made people do a double take.

“It’s like so realistic that it definitely takes you by surprise. I feel it’s too real. I feel a little bit gross, but it’s really cool,” Australian tourist Laura Teale told Reuters.

The prices for these bespoke items range from $93 (P5,000) to $758 (P40,000).

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