Justice Leonen reminds us how ‘PuRO ReKlaMo’ actually does some good

ICYMI, the oath-taking for the 2019 Bar passers was hosted online for the first-time ever. But aside from the unique milestone, the event also turned heads for a passionate speech made by Supreme Court Associate Justice Marvic Leonen.

In a 20-minute speech, Leonen reminded the neophyte lawyers about several relevant issues, such as the urgency of climate change, the pandemic’s effect on the rule of law, and how their oath is not for personal gain, but rather, one that empowers the marginalized through the proper use of the law.

leonen, <b> Justice Leonen reminds us how &#8216;PuRO ReKlaMo&#8217; actually does some good</b>

Leonen also preached about the importance of remaining steadfast in doing what is right, as opposed to trading morals for the sake of not disrupting the status quo. Leonen then shared a tidbit, one that also applies to people outside of the hall.

‘Our silence, when we fall victim or after we serve as accomplices to corrupt acts of the powerful, is also our own powerful political act. Our silence maintains the status quo. It ensures that others will also be victimized’.

‘Silence about corruption and abuse of power is not only in itself unjust. Our silence when we have the ability to speak is in itself a cause of injustice’.

It’s a message that echoes with relevance, especially when protests and calling out BS is labeled as being ‘reklamador’. Once again, we are reminded that in a democracy such as ours, the people’s voice is not a detriment, but rather, a guide in what needs to be changed for the better.