Marvel geeks need to cop this superhero makeup collection by The Face Shop

Just when we thought K-beauty has outdone itself with its trends and innovations, The Face Shop Korea just dropped its most geeky collection with Marvel. The superhero nerds in us are elated.

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Are you ready to let the Avengers take over your makeup kit? Then take some notes:

The Marvel Mono Pop Eyes palette contains nine pressed powder shadows in matte and metallic shades. There are two palettes to choose from, one has warmer tones perfect for daytime looks while the other has cooler colors for bolder blends come nighttime. The bottom part of the shadow palettes also features two different retro 4-panel comic designs.

The single eyeshadow pots also get their own superhero-themed names—Ultra Silver, Hyper Peach, Hero Red, Soldier Brawn—making them sound like they came straight from the Avengers’ arsenal. These Single Eyeshadow Jellies are all metallic.

In this makeup collection, #TeamIronMan takes care of the stark details with mascara, eyeliners, lipsticks and lip stains.

The 2-in-1 mascara is gold. It contains two wands individually made for your upper and lower lashes. You could also use it either to volumize your curls or just give your lashes a minimal neat fix depending on your mood. It comes in four colors—Black Widow, Iron Brown, Iron Red and Spider-Man Blue—and each has an Ink Gel Pencil Liner counterpart.

There are two lippie varients in the Marvel collaboration: traditional creamy matte lipsticks and sheen lip stains that come with a metal-tip applicator.

And we wouldn’t forget the best part of the entire collection: the Captain America BB cushion. This 3D metallic case is an absolute collectible!

This Marvel collection is capped with a product line for men which includes a hydrating toner and hydrating fluid for the daily skincare routine. The Face Shop also didn’t miss out on sun care—the collection has the usual sports sun cream and sun BB cream, and an interesting product called the Ice Air Puff Sun. Another Korean innovation, the product gives a refreshing ice cold sensation as you apply the sheen sunblock like your regular cushion creams. All products boasts of the Captain America’s Vibranium shield emblem.

The Star-Spangled Avenger is clearly the main hero of the collaboration, and those on #TeamIronMan are wishing for more Arc Reactor-inspired makeup designs. Hopefully in Phase 2?

The Marvel collection is currently available only in South Korea, Thailand and Singapore—but like one of our local banks says, we find ways.