Marvel and DC superheroes who are eerily similar

Kat Mayuga

Marvel or DC? This question has been a hot button issue as far as loyal fans of the two entertainment giants are concerned. But did you know that the two have a lot more in common than we think?

Read on to learn about seven superheroes from both Marvel and DC that look eerily similar.

1. Deadpool (Marvel) and Deathstroke (DC)

Deadpool has become a fan favorite mostly because of his playful and funny personality. Little do people know that Deadpool is a copy of DC’s Deathstroke. Deadpool’s original writer was even quoted saying that Deadpool is the Deathstroke from Teen Titans.

The two have the same regenerating abilities, the same weapon, and almost identical costumes. They even named Deadpool Wade Wilson as a joke since Deathstroke’s real name is Slade Wilson. Close enough!

2. Aquaman (DC) and Namor (Marvel)

Namor has been around longer. In fact, he’s one of the earliest Marvel characters (he first appeared in 1939). But Aquaman is more often on the spotlight and we’re betting that Jason Momoa is one of the reasons why.

Both of their abilities include super strength and being able to stay underwater for an indefinite amount of time. Both of them can also communicate with sea creatures.

3. Thanos (Marvel) and Darkseid (DC)

The purple villain from Marvel has been getting a lot of hate lately. Who wouldn’t? With just a snap, he made half of the universe vanish into thin air. And that includes some of our beloved superheroes.

But did you know that Thanos bears a striking resemblance with DC’s own Darkseid? And it wasn’t just a coincidence. Thanos’ creator originally wanted to make a copy of Metron. But editor Roy Thomas suggested that if he’s going to steal a character, he should at least rip off the good one – Darkseid.

4. Swamp Thing (DC) and Man Thing (Marvel)

People can’t help but spot the similarities between Swamp Thing and Man Thing. Especially that the two were released only two months apart (Man Thing – May 1971, Swamp Thing – July 1971). Aside from the physical similarities, their backstories look alike, too. Both characters are scientists who figured in an accident in a swamp. It then turned them into monsters.

5. Hawkeye (Marvel) and Green Arrow (DC)

Ollie and Clint have a lot in common. They both were forced to learn the bow and arrow for survival and they both use similar tools. But aside from their chosen weapon, they are surprisingly identical when it comes to temperament – outspoken and hot-headed. Both of their love interests’ aliases also start with the word “black” (Black Widow and Black Canary).

6. Red Lion (DC) and Black Panther (Marvel)

Wakanda forever? No, the Red Lion is different. Like the Black Panther, he too, is a leader of an African nation. They both use suits that look strikingly similar. The only difference is that Red Lion’s powers came entirely from his training.

7. Ant Man (Marvel) and Atom (DC)

Ant Man and the Atom started out similarly. One common thing is that they’re both scientists who excel in their respective fields. Then they both use suits that make them small and eventually, turn them into giants. However, as years passed, the personalities and stories of both heroes started becoming less and less alike.

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