ICYMI, the Mars rover Perseverance has finally landed on the Red Planet. If you’re wondering why this is a huge deal, ‘Percy’, as people affectionately call him at NASA, is tasked with finding signs of present or ancient life.

Percy landed on the Jezero Crater, which is believed to have once contained water. And when there’s water, there’s a chance something used to thrive there, whether it’s beings as developed as humans, or the smallest of microbes and bacteria, which are more likely.

Such discovery could pose answers to whether we truly are alone in the universe, or if the microbial life that kickstarted Earth’s ecosystem is a common event in the cosmos.

But despite being NASA’s most advanced rover to date, the agency admits it might be a while before we discover any possible evidence of our extra-terrestrial neighbors.

‘Perseverance is the most sophisticated robotic geologist ever made, but verifying that microscopic life once existed carries an enormous burden of proof‘, said NASA in a statement.

‘While we’ll learn a lot with the great instruments we have aboard the rover, it may very well require the far more capable laboratories and instruments back here on Earth to tell us whether our samples carry evidence that Mars once harbored life’.

So while it may take time to answer humanity’s existential questions, NASA is content, for now, to learn of Percy’s safe touchdown after a seven-month journey. The rover sent back proof of its ‘forever home’, and the Internet, like clockwork, wasted no time busting out the memes.