Mayor Rex Gatchalian launches ‘Market on Wheels’, thanks Pasig’s Vico Sotto


Valenzuela Mayor Rex Gatchalian has made good on his plan to ‘copy’ Pasig City’s ‘Mobile Palengke’ with the launch of his own called ‘Market On Wheels’.

Gatchalian thanked Mayor Vico Sotto for the idea while noting that his team made minor adjustments to the original plans.

‘We tweaked it a little lang to adjust to our terrain na small roads, but the overall concept is the same. Thanks for your concept!’


As for Vico, he was more than happy to see the new project and adds that he too, takes inspiration from a few of Valenzuela’s policies.

‘Solid ‘to! I will show the team who designed ours.. it will be a big morale booster for them!’

‘We continue to copy a number of your best practices as well. Pati yung sa distribusyon ng goods, natututo kami sa inyo.’ #KopyahanNaTo!


The hashtag #KopyahanNaTo was first popularized by Gatchalian after he was asked if he would be open to adapting ‘Mobile Palengke’, which aims to lessen crowds at Pasig’s markets.

The mayor confirmed that he does, tweeting ‘Kopyahan Na eto! Wala naman tayo sa school eh… in this case, copying is allowed I think’.


In the midst of the government’s lethargic responses to the COVID-19 crisis, the brewing bromance between the two, along with their own individual initiatives, has been praised on social.

Aside from ‘Mobile Palengke’, Vico Sotto reinstated the city’s bus service for frontliners, while Rex Gatchalian provided food vouchers for residents most affected by the lockdown.


Banner credit: Inquirer & Rappler