‘Marites’ is dead. ‘Melinda’ starts a new meme trend


‘Yeah, I get it. Gagraduate ang anak, but the point is need pa bang picturan?,’ a user named Melinda Barlis commented on VP Leni Robredo’s photo of Jillian, her youngest daughter. The photo was part of VP Leni’s “vlogger era” as she documents her family’s U.S. trip for Jillian’s graduation at New York University.

The comment in question stemmed from VP Leni’s post from the baccalaureate of her so-called “favorite anak”. Melinda’s reply has now been deleted and the account appears to be deactivated as well.

The question instantly turned into memes that prompted people to post their own graduation photos, while others added a spin on the narrative. Even Tricia, the middle child among the Robredo sisters, shared her entry on Instagram Stories.

Melinda, <b> &#8216;Marites&#8217; is dead. &#8216;Melinda&#8217; starts a new meme trend</b>

Meanwhile, another Facebook user also named Melinda Barlis, spoke out to clarify things. This person apparently received messages from strangers, so she explained that she is a retired teacher and not the “trending Melinda Barlis.” While the original post was deleted, some online users got to screenshot it.

‘Kasama po ako sa mga graduation pictures dati most of the time ng mga estudyante ko at parents. Mas maganda may grad pics para pagtanda my remembrance,’ said the educator.

Filipino artist Tarantadong Kalbo also hopped on the trend and illustrated a cat with a speech bubble containing Melinda’s question. On Twitter, users made light of the comment and said how ‘Marites’ is out of the picture because of the ‘Melinda’ issue.

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