Maria Clara at Ibarra shares message of taking a stand in recent episode


Maria Clara at Ibarra trends after a powerful episode on taking a stand.

And this has made us stan even harder.

In one of its latest episodes, the historical drama ‘Maria Clara at Ibarra’ shares a message of taking a stand together.

Apart from its fresh take and reimagination of the novel written by our national hero Dr. Jose Rizal, ‘Maria Clara at Ibarra’ takes it further opening 2023 with a powerful message of taking a stand. After being made aware of the troubles that plague San Diego, Crisostomo Ibarra begins his speech by asking for the church and the townspeople to listen to him.

“Parang awa niyo na, San Diego, ako ay dinggin niyo.” he wails. “Damayan niyo ako. Dinggin niyo kaming sambayanan. Dinggin niyo kami na mga ninakawan ng kapangyarihan,”. To his surprise, many of the townsfolk including Maria Clara, Klay, Tala, Mang Adong, Maestro, Pilosopo Tasyo, Fidel, and Elias.

The show’s fans were in awe of how powerful and moving the scene was, noting that Dennis Trillo’s performance as Crisostomo Ibarra is truly notable.

Julie Ann San Jose who portrays the role of Maria Clara in the series also shared a simple yet impactful tweet about the episode, “Titindig at di na muling pipikit”.

It is through art like this that messages are shared and never forgotten. That is a responsibility the staff, cast, and team behind Maria Clara at Ibarra continue to magnify.



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