Margielyn Didal won the vibe check at the Tokyo Olympics


Filipino skateboarder Margielyn Didal represented the Philippines for this year’s Tokyo Olympics. She was part of the women’s street skateboarding finals at the Ariake Urban Sports Park, where she exuded her spunky energy as she performed tricks and runs.

Only the top eight skaters from the preliminaries can advance to the final round, wherein Didal landed the seventh spot at the end of the heats with a 12.02 score. Before the medal round, she said, ‘Whatever happens, I’m really proud to represent the Philippines.’

The 22-year-old skater was out of the medal contention after failing to perform a few tricks, but she still strived to get back up despite signs of injury from her earlier attempts.

Taking home the gold was 13-year old Momiji Nishiya (15.26) from Japan, followed by Brazil’s Rayssa Leal (14.64), who won first and second, respectively. Another Japanese representative, 16-year-old won Funa Nakayama (14.49), landed the third spot.

Even if Didal didn’t bring home any gold medals, she surely won the vibe check at the Olympics. Undeterred by her painful falls, she managed to flash a thumbs-up sign, and Tokyo 2020 tweeted that it’s the “Margielyn Didal seal of approval.”

Didal was also apparently in a good mood, as several outlets captured instances of her dancing in-between breaks. A separate post showed the skater make the most out of the introductions, as she puts out an amusingly extra pose compared to others.

Didal didn’t miss out on the chance to take a photo with Tony Hawk, a.k.a. the OG professional skateboarder. She even paired it with a cheeky caption, ‘this guy asked me to take a photo with him and I let him because he looks like Tony Hawk.’

‘Skateboarding is not for fame. [It’s] about the vibe of doing the same passion,’ Didal shared. The Cebuana skater made her mark in the international skateboarding scene when she bagged a gold medal at the 2018 Asian Games, followed by two other gold medals in the 2019 Southeast Asian Games.

Banner: Lucy Nicholson/Reuters and Twitter/Tokyo2020

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