The decision on Marcos Jr.’s disqualification cases could be livestreamed


A Marcos presidency is a definite possibility four months from now, but before that happens, Ferdinand Marcos Jr. must first hurdle his disqualification case in the present day.

The son of the former dictator is facing three petitions that could derail his presidential aspirations: the first by a group of martial law victims led by former political detainee Bonifacio Ilagan, another from the progressive party-list Akbayan, and one by Abubakar Mangelen.

The first two parties contend that Marcos Jr. is not eligible for the presidency, given that he was convicted of tax evasion by the Court of Appeals in 1997. Marcos Jr. supposedly did not pay his taxes from 1982-1985 during his time as vice governor/governor of Ilocos Norte.

Meanwhile, Mangelenen, who claims that he’s the true chairman of the Partido Federal ng Pilipinas, says that Marcos Jr’s nomination as the party’s standard-bearer is ‘unauthorized, null, and void.’ Mangelenen claims that the endorsement came without his knowledge and approval.

Marcos, <b> The decision on Marcos Jr.&#8217;s disqualification cases could be livestreamed </b>
Bongbong Marcos w/ parents Imelda and Ferdinand Sr.

According to Comelec Commissioner Rowena Guanzon, all three disqualification cases will receive a resolution on or before January 17. If COVID protocols permit, the decision will be livestreamed. Guanzon is the presiding commissioner of COMELEC’s First Division, which oversees the cases.

So what happens if ever COMELEC sides with the petitioners and Marcos Jr. gets disqualified?

In an interview with ANC’s headstart, retired Supreme Court Justice Antonio Carpio says the substitution of another candidate will not be possible. This is because the decision means that Marcos Jr. was never a legitimate candidate in the first place, ‘as if he never filed his COC (Certificate of Candidacy)’.

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