Marcos Jr. can’t hide in his bubble forever


One regular clapback of Marcos supporters against their critics is to look beyond their ‘bubble’. These supporters claim that the Supreme Court of Twitter is an echo chamber, where the ‘3%’ agree on fixed beliefs, granting the illusion of a widely-agreed status quo, when in fact the ‘real world’, possessing more complex views, is happening beyond its confines.

There is truth to this. It is best to be open to other narratives, to understand why they exist, instead of outright vilifying them. Ironically enough, the bubble concept, once used as an insult, is now a place Marcos Jr. finds himself in.

Marcos, <b> Marcos Jr. can&#8217;t hide in his bubble forever </b>

Marcos has taken the unconventional route in promoting his campaign, ditching the traditional ads for memes, community groups, and micro-influencers. It comes off as more personal and authentic, since it’s essentially other people vouching that your dad’s regime were the glory days, and you can continue the legacy as the nation’s savior.

But while Tiktok and YouTube vloggers might serve the narrative, they still fail in comparison to the likes of Jessica Soho, an award-winning journalist, and the backing of a broadcast giant like GMA. When Marcos Jr. became the sole candidate to duck Soho, it triggered an onslaught of ridicule. Many talked about switching sides. Accusations of cowardice abound.

As one jab puts it ‘Buti pa ang lugaw, may itlog.’

It took one interview to put a dent in the Messiah narrative that Marcos works so hard to create. The Philippines might be the social media capital of the world, but a good majority still cling to traditional media. We love our memes, but when it comes to pressing national issues, we still turn to people and institutions we trust.

Marcos, <b> Marcos Jr. can&#8217;t hide in his bubble forever </b>

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It doesn’t help that Marcos isn’t averse to granting interviews. But so far, Marcos has only granted them to people he’s seemingly comfortable with. He’s a Ninong of Toni Gonzaga. Boy Abunda, as iconic as an interviewer as he is, will never probe as tough as Jessica Soho does. Marcos agreed to be on an online panel, but it’s moderated by a known supporter.

Marcos has been free to craft his own narrative, but he has never been publicly challenged. On ducking Jessica Soho, Marcos’ spokesperson claims they wanted to avoid the negativity and instead focus on questions on how to solve the country’s problems.

But what happens when negativity and criticism are inevitable, such is the case with the presidency? Will Marcos falter, duck, and run? Besides, negativity is synonymous with the Marcos name, thanks to his dictator of a father. There is no running from that.

Marcos, <b> Marcos Jr. can&#8217;t hide in his bubble forever </b>

The pressing questions of today are nothing compared to the millions of tomorrow, should he become president. And the audience will be much bigger, bigger than just one journalist.

Debates and interviews beyond his control will come, and Marcos cannot shelter himself forever. Sooner or later, he will need to address Martial Law, his family’s countless cases, his true educational background, and the myths his followers love to espouse.

He will need to step beyond his bubble and his father’s shadow because after all, he should be his own man.

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