Meet Mara: An AI chatbox you can talk to about anything contraception


Meet your new bestie

Let’s face it, it isn’t easy to talk about reproductive health and contraception in the PH. As a dominantly Catholic country, it’s often discussed in hushed tones or ignored altogether, causing misconceptions that cause wide-spread damage like the growing HIV epidemic and 200,000 teenage pregnancies yearly.

Image result for i don't want to talk about it gifIn response, it’s about time for us to meet – and ask – Mara, the go-to-gal for advice on contraception and reproductive health.

Mara is an AI chatbox developed by Bayer Pharmaceuticals to provide important info on the different contraceptive options like birth control pills, condoms, IUDs, implants, and more. Bayer even collaborated with doctors and women’s health professionals to ensure credible info.

Like a legit IRL friend, Mara shares how to use each method, its pros and cons, and effects. She also responds to pressing reproductive health FAQS and can even remind you of your daily pill intake

To get started, just shoot a message on the Ask Mara Facebook page and Mara will give you a number of topics to talk about – and nope, she’ll never leave you on seen.



We need to provide this type of private setting so women will be encouraged to ask questions and get the right answers pertaining to contraception and reproductive health.’ said Dr. Marie Michelle Dado, OB/GYN.

This will also prompt them to consult us physicians if they have more pressing questions.”

Mara isn’t perfect yet, as she’s an AI continuously learning to meet Filipina needs. But with where she’s headed, it’s a step toward opening the convo on women’s reproductive health choices.