Manny Jacinto’s jawline got people thirsty – about climate change


Manny Jacinto doesn’t just have a jawline made of steel. He also has a heart of gold.

The Filipino-born Canadian actor, who rose to fame as Jason Mendoza on ‘The Good Place’, recently joined Jane Fonda in the actress’ ‘Fire Drill Fridays’ – a series of protests highlighting the US government’s inaction on climate change.

Manny Jacinto, <b> Manny Jacinto&#8217;s jawline got people thirsty &#8211; about climate change </b>

Jacinto, looking like a shoo-in for the inevitable Harry Potter reboot, pushed for policy reforms and recognized the Filipino citizens who are advocating against ‘corporate climate polluters’ – in front of the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. no less.

‘If our only world becomes uninhabitable, my genetic code will no longer be replicable.’, he reportedly said.

Given his daring speech, environmentally woke mindset AND natural good looks, the Internet couldn’t help but show their appreciation in a manner that would leave climate change – and Buzzfeed’s ‘Thirst Tweets’ – shookedt.








Jacinto has yet to respond to the litany of tweets, but he did show his appreciation for Jane Fonda, as well as his internal parental fear, proving that being smacked by your mom really is an inherent Filipino trait.