This University is offering a degree in Manga and Anime

BRB, reenrolling

Per Crunchyroll, the Kaisihi Professional University located in Japan’s Niigata Prefecture is launching a new department solely for the study of anime and manga. Read that again. No, you’re not dreaming.

The university’s new department was approved by Japan’s Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology just this November 16. The private college is pretty new itself too, as it was only established in April of this year.

Details of the curriculum are still unclear, but it will apparently teach students all about Japanese animation directly from professional animators, directors, manga artists, character designers, illustrators, and game creators.

It’s not all about just being a weeb though, as manga and anime have become honorary art forms in Japan. Students will also learn modern applicable theories and practices in making the craft come to life.

Kaishi Professional University’s department is set to officially launch in April 2021 with an 80 student capacity during its initial run.

Applications will also start on December 1, and the first entrance exam will be held on December 19.

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