As much as we’ve written about the Malacañang softboi and his antics, the truth is we’re not even frustrated anymore; in fact, we’re kind of amused. It’s been darkly entertaining to see a 76-year-old basically pull stunts from softbois almost 50 years his junior – to great effect, we might add.

The softboi’s ‘exotic charm’ continued last Monday during a public address, where he denied that he ever made a promise to retake the West Philippine Sea from China during his 2016 presidential campaign. Better yet, he gaslights his critics, insisting that it was actually them who pretended to make moves in challenging China. ‘Just because I’m president, now you want me to pick a fight?’, he accuses.

Now, anyone who has been a) alive in the past five years and b) has common sense, would know that none of it is true. A huge highlight of our softboi’s 2016 campaign was his plan to ‘jet ski’ to the contested islands as a sign of defiance. He added that he always dreamed of ‘being a hero’ after all.

After ghosting, projecting his insecurities, admitting that he’s close to resigning, and now, gaslighting and changing narratives, the softboi arc has come full circle.

Whether this has any effect on his future foreign policies, or the fact that his allies are slowly becoming turncoats, remains to be seen. Tbh, it probably has none. As mentioned earlier, we’re just going along for the ride.

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