This makeup collection is inspired by Netflix’s ‘Money Heist’


It’s not the first time for makeup brands to take inspo from things outside the beauty realm. Some brands already released collections related to Star Wars, Marvel, Pokémon, and more. But more recently, NYX and Netflix collaborated and released a Money Heist-themed collection.

The makeup range includes a 32 Pan Mask Color Palette, which somewhat takes the shape and highlights the Dali mask as its cover. It’s composed of shimmering and matte finishes. Another eye makeup item is the 9 Pan El Professor Palette, which is dedicated to The Professor, containing a blend of red and brown.

The rest of the collection also incorporated other references from the show. It carries lipsticks inspired by the characters Tokyo and Nairobi, an Epic Ink Liner, Epic Wear Liner Sticks, Gold Bar Highlighters, a Gold Bar Brush, and a Dali Mask Mirror.

Yann Joffredo, NYX Professional Makeup’s global brand president of said in a press release that they are celebrating the “fandom of both worlds — beauty and entertainment” through the makeup collection. He said, ‘We are so excited to provide fans with a piece of the beloved show and can’t wait to see the makeup artistry looks created with the collection.’

For those who want to grab some (or all) of NYX x Money Heist items before the show’s next season, its worldwide launch will be on November 10. But some items can now be purchased on the beauty brand’s official website and priced at around $10 – $18 (approximately P500 to P900).

money heist, <b> This makeup collection is inspired by Netflix&#8217;s &#8216;Money Heist&#8217;</b>

Banner: (L) Netflix | (R) Nyx / Money Heist

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