How do you know when to make that BIG change in your life?


There comes a point in our lives when we have the itch for change, whether in careers, relationships, or even passion and hobbies. Change can be caused by lots of valid reasons: length of tenure, lack of notable challenges, or the absence of growth.

The hardest part is having the courage to make the leap. The human mind finds comfort in the familiar. There’s a reason why you love bing-watching Friends for the nth time when you feel down or why Taylor Swift songs still feel like home with every replay. Patterns make us feel safe, but pop culture references aside, here’s a truth:

Change sucks, but it’s essential.

While lying in bed all day sounds like a dream; eventually, our necks will get sore. We hate being stuck indoors while friends travel. We compare ourselves to our contemporaries when they marry or receive promotions.

We The Pvblic, <b> How do you know when to make that BIG change in your life? </b>

Our innate desire for progress is this itch, this drive for bigger and better thingsIt’s a survival instinct that ensures we won’t wilt and die on our couch just because the weather is too comfy. But how do we graduate from being couch potatoes to moving our butts?

The shortest answer is: You just do. The longer answer: You do on your terms.

Do it on your terms

When Charles Barkley ruptured his tendon at age 36 in 1999, he refused to let the last image of his career be him getting carried off the court. He returned a year later to score a basket and walked off the court to a standing ovation, promptly retiring from his 16-year Hall of Fame career.

“I’ve won and lost a lot of games, but the last memory I had was being carried off the court. I couldn’t get over the mental block of being carried off the court. It was important psychologically to walk off the court on my own”, 

We The Pvblic, <b> How do you know when to make that BIG change in your life? </b>

When everyone has an opinion on how other people should live their lives, a sense of control is vital. No one, not your tita, your parents, even this article, can dictate your decisions because you know what’s best for you.

You know your timings, your value, and your capabilities. Does the new job look enticing, but you feel you’re not ready? Don’t do it, man. Do you think your passion project will be awesome, but everyone says no? Trust your instincts that you’ll make the right decision.

Leap when you’re ready – because it’s YOUR life.

After 4 years, I am leaving my position as We The Pvblic’s Senior Content Producer. It’s been a nerve-wracking, exhausting, but massively rewarding learning experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

It’s tough to leave a job that has been a second home for most of my 20s, and even scarier to think about new challenges, but I trust that I’m more than ready to take the next step in my career.

Working with the most passionate, rag-tag group of creatives was amazing in turning WTP into a home for stories that trigger conversations. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, dear reader, for sticking with We The Pvblic through the years. And if you’re new, welcome to the fam, and I hope you enjoy our content as much as I have.

See y’all around! – Gelo

We The Pvblic, <b> How do you know when to make that BIG change in your life? </b>

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