Majestic doggos await you at this farm in Cavite

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โพสต์โดย Supero เมื่อ วันเสาร์ที่ 17 กุมภาพันธ์ 2018

If you’re obsessed with dogs, you’re defo going to plan a road trip to Amadeo, Cavite to visit and play with the majestic doggos of the Supero Dog Farm.

Rottweiler |

According to farm owner, Melvin D. Cajigal, it all started with the need to have his house in General Trias, Cavite guarded. He bought a female Rottweiler and a female Doberman Pinscher.

As the pups were growing up, he felt a deeper sense of responsibility for fulfilling their needs. Feeding them was fun, but what he liked most was walking them around the subdivision to exercise as this activity had a positive impact on him, too.

Initially, he didn’t have the intention to be a breeder but eventually, he realized that breeding can be a lucrative business. Besides, he liked the concept of turning a hobby into a business.

He started researching on how to breed dogs. During that time, he was also looking for a property where he can build his new house. He chose to buy a small farm lot so he could continue with his breeding hobby while escaping the stress of city living.

Fast forward to today, the farm is now the Supero Dog Farm that offers top quality dog breeds. Mr. Cajigal is now married and his wife added her own hobby into the farm business by growing cacti and other succulents and soon, herbs and medicinal plants.

Caucasian Novcharka |

Since We the Pvblic loves doggos, we reached out to Mr Cajigal for some Q&A. Read on to take note of the basic info you need to know about the dog farm before taking that road trip.

1. Why did you name the dog farm Supero?

Supero is a latin word for superior. Our objective is to produce a bloodline of dogs with superior quality – physical conformance and great character.

2. When was the farm built?

We started to build the farm in 2016.

3. Why did you choose to build the farm in Amadeo, Cavite?

Amadeo has a a cool weather just like Tagaytay. Farm lot prices are a lot cheaper way back in 2016.

Tibetan Mastiff |

4. How far is the dog farm from Tagaytay?

The farm is 9 KM away from Sky Ranch, Tagaytay.

5. What time does the farm open to visitors and what time does it close?

We do not accept walk ins. To book a visit, they should message me using their IG or FB account. Visit schedule is Saturday or Sunday, 9-11 AM or 3-5 PM. 1 group per slot.

6. Do visitors have to pay an entrance fee to see/interact with the dogs? If yes, how much is it?

No entrance fee.

Doberman Pinscher |

7. What are the breeds of the dogs in the farm?

Rotweiler, Doberman Pinscher, Caucasian Ovcharka, Puli, Central Asian Ovcharka, and Tibetan Mastiff

8. Are they all imported?

No. Not all. Novcharkas and the Puli are all imported.

9. Are the dogs for sale? If yes, what’s the most sellable among the breeds?

Yes. We sell puppies. All have high demand.

Central Asian Novcharka |

10. What’s your personal favorite breed?

All of them. They all fit my personality, one way or another.

11. Do you think every family should own a dog?

I don’t think every family should own a dog. I recommend that those who are committed to own a dog should own a dog. Not because they’re cute.

12. What’s your favorite dog movie and why?

None. I just love dogs.

Puli |

To book your visit at the Supero Dog Farm, call/text owner Melvin D. Cajigal at 09177951221 or send a message on Instagram @superodogfarm or Facebook @Supero

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