Just some lovable puppers to get you through Hump Day

Gelo Lasin

Ugh. Wednesdays.

It’s that bittersweet day of the week, where weekends seem so close yet so far.

We know getting over Hump day can be a struggle (because, again, weekends!), so we’ve gathered the adorbest doggos to keep you keep company and to stave off the gloom.

1. Look at those widdle paws!


2. When you said “Slay” instead of “Stay”

3. Aww! Those foot wiggles!

4. Mood goals

5. Prenup photo?

6. Cuteness gone too far!

Puppers tries to nope. from r/aww

7. The most adorb leap of faith EVER!


8. Nappy Time


9. Us during this cuddle weather


10. Did somebody say snacks???


12. He’s gorgeous

11. Bubbles?

Bonus Round:

We know this isn’t a dog, but OMG, this is too cute to ignore!