In an epic display of Asian girl prowess, LOONA members Heejin, Chu, and Yves just covered NIKI’s iconic single ‘I Like U‘ during 88rising’s worldwide online festival Asia Rising Forever earlier today.

Along with the NIKI cover, the entire girl group also performed their beloved songs ‘So What‘ and ‘Colors‘ live, which got them trending with the hashtag #StayHomeWithLOONA. 

Meanwhile, Asia Forever Rising streamed on Facebook and Twitter garnered more than 3 million views with an epic lineup of Asian talents ranging from Beabadoobee, Iñigo Pascual, and more.

The event’s hashtags #AsiaRisingForever and#StayHomeWith88rising also notched the top spot in Twitter trending topics.

More collabs soon pls?

loona niki, <b> LOONA&#8217;s Heejin, Chu, and Yves just covered NIKI&#8217;s &#8216;I Like U&#8217; </b>