LOOK: This artist makes illustrations of friends and strangers and tells their secrets through his #100DaysOfSecrets project

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They say when someone tells you a secret, you should honor it and never use it against them.

Artist Terence Eduarte gives strangers and friends alike the honor they deserve by telling their secrets to the pvblic through his #100daysofsecrets project.

He illustrates these friends and strangers in exchange for a secret, a fair trade, if you will. We the Pvblic asked the artist himself on his venture through the deep dark secrets of these people.

1. How’d you think of your #100daysofsecrets illustrations?

My friend told me about Elle Luna’s #100DayProject. I never participated in a daily illustration project before but I was sure I wanted to do portraits of people. I wanted to tell a story every day but I knew if I did everything on my own I’ll completely run out of stories.

2. When did it all start?

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting this kind of reception. I started out by asking close friends to share a secret in exchange for a portrait. After a few days, I started getting really unexpected confessions from strangers around the world.

3. How does it work and how many have you done so far and how often do you do them?

I illustrate people (friends & strangers) in exchange for their secrets. It started as a collaborative way to create content but as the secrets got more real, I realized that the portraits have become an outlet for people to let out thoughts and feelings they normally wouldn’t.

Just recently, someone sent me a message that she felt lighter when she shared her secret with me. That really made me feel good about what I’m doing.

4. Which one’s your favorite illustration/secret yet?

All the secrets I did so far are the ones that struck me and touched me the most.

I didn’t realize 100 days would be so long and there were times when it was hard to find time. However, I get confessions that really inspire me to keep going.

5. Do you have a secret of your own there?

Maybe. Hahaha.

6. What’s the symbolization of all the people turning their backs in the illustrations?

Most people are ashamed to share their secrets. I think the style of the portraits is distinct to the owner of the secret, yet anonymous to everyone else.

7. What happens after you finish your illustrations?

Right now, I’m just seeing where these secrets take me. I’d really like to make a book out of these illustrations though.

I think the bravery of these people to share their secrets with me is worth something more than a post. I want to print it, publish it, get people to share it with one another.

I want the book to be a reminder that we are not alone in our secrets, everyone has secrets a lot of us just never talk about them. But for now, I launched a web page within my portfolio site to archive every secret shared so far.

Check out the amazing work here: http://trnz.co/100-days-of-secrets

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